What can you do to stay protected?

Recently, the UK Health Security Agency has published data on diagnoses of sexually transmitted infections in 2022. 82,592 diagnoses of gonorrhoea were made at sexual health services in 2022, the highest annual number since records began in 1918. The number of diagnoses of infectious syphilis reached 8,692 in 2022. Gay, bi, and other men who have sex with men remain one of the groups with high numbers of cases of STIs. 

 With a 50% increase in gonorrhoea cases, and a 15% increase in syphilis cases, as well as high rates of other STIs, what can you do to stay protected?

Test, test, test

If you have an STI, it’s best to know so that you can get treated, and reduce the chance of you passing on any infections. We recommend that if you’re having sex with new partner(s) you should test as often as every 3 months, or at least once a year .You could get tested at your local sexual health clinic.

Condoms and Lube

Condoms are accessible and versatile, and lube makes everything feel better and wetter. Plus, do you need contraception as well as STI and HIV prevention? Condoms will help out there too!

Did you know that you can get condoms and lube for free from LGBT Foundation? Order them online, or grab our team when you see us out and about in Liverpool!

Think about HIV too 

PrEP and PEP are great tools to help you take control of your sexual health and prevent HIV.

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