1st December is World AIDS Day

December 1st each year is World AIDS Day. This year’s theme is Let Communities Lead.

There are many ways to get involved and you can see the team from the PaSH Partnership at a range of events.

Today (1st December) at 6PM we’ll be attending the Vigil organised by Sahir House and kindly hosted by Liverpool Parish Church.

Tomorrow (2nd December) you can see us as we join up with Sahir House, Homotopia and a range of other organisations at Museum of Liverpool where alongside a range of exhibitions the UK AIDS Quilt is on display.

Earlier this week, Xav from the Sexual Health Team at LGBT Foundation joined in in with the 3 Fabulous Drag Queens for the Tucked and Talking Podcast, talking about World AIDS Day, and having some fun conversations around sexual health and wellbeing – there is some strong language in the podcast so not for children but check it out here on Youtube.

Fabulous Liverpool Drag Queen Genevieve Renee says about today ‘It’s important to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS so that we can fight the stigma, we can see how far the community has come and this is why World AIDS Day is so important’

The glamourous Miss Grace added ‘World AIDS day is important as it reminds us how far our incredible community has come. Fighting back against stigma and misinformation given by those in power! It’s a chance to come together out of love, keep the fight alive and bring this to an end forever’

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